G. I. Joe

Published by: Taxan
Developed by: KID
Genre: Action
Released: 1991

G. I. Joe (NES)

The G.I. Joe video game was published by Taxan for the NES in 1991. The game is a run and gun shooter  similar to Contra and features G.I. Joe's Duke, Snake-Eyes, Blizzard, Captain Grid-Iron, and Rock 'n Roll. Hawk is available only during the final stage. 

Prior to each mission a team leader is designated and the player must choose two of the remaining characters to complete the team. The game features 6 stages. During a stage the player can switch to a different team mate at any moment, but dying means restarting the stage from the current area. Each character plays a little different, weapons are different as are the movement speed and jump height. Power-ups can be found that restore health, increase weapon strength and provide more ammo. 

Each stage is broken up into three different areas. In the first area, the player's team must fight their way into a Cobra base. In the second area, the player's team has to plant bombs inside the base under a time limit. The final area of the stage is a boss fight. The Cobra soldiers are Range-Viper, Metal-Head, Overlord, Voltar, Destro and Cobra Commander.

This game was followed up by G.I. Joe 2: The Atlantis Factor for the NES.

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