Fatal Fury

Published by: SNK
Developed by: SNK
Genre: Fighting
Released: December 20 1991

Fatal Fury (NGAES)

Fatal Fury is the console version of SNK's first fighting game, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, originally released on the Neo Geo MVS in 1991. The game depicts the first King of Fighters tournament. The name for the console versions was shortened to Fatal Fury, likely to avoid confusion with SNK's follow up fighting series King of Fighters.

Fatal Fury was directed by Takashi Nishiyama who created the original Street Fighter and envisioned Fatal Fury as a spiritual successor to it. It was also co-designed by Seigo Ito. Fatal Fury was a main competitor to Street Fighter 2 and was known for it's emphasis on story.

Fatal Fury features the King of Fighters tournament which is being held in South Town, USA by crime lord Geese Howard. Brothers Terry and Andy Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi, enter the tournament to take revenge on Geese who killed their father Jeff 10 years ago.

Fighter in the game include:
- Terry Bogard (An American martial artist)
- Andy Bogard (Terry's younger brother, who trained in Japan)
- Joe Higashi (Terry and Andy's friend and a Muay Thai expert)
- Duck King (A street dancer)
- Richard Meyer (A capoeira master)
- Michael Max (A boxer)
- Tung Fu Rue (A elderly Bajíquán expert)
- Hwa Jai (A drunken Muay Thai master from Thailand)
- Raiden (A heel wrestler)
- Billy Kane (Current tournament champion and a Bojutsu master)
- Geese Howard (An underworld crime boss and sponsor of the King of Fighters tournament)

In the single player mode the player can choose between Terry, Andy, and Joe. After choosing their first opponent from a set of four, the player goes through 8 matches in order.

The game uses a three button system with buttons for punches, kicks, and throws. Each character has a unique set of moves including special moves.

The game uses two field stages which contain a background and foreground. The CPU opponent can move between the two fields at any time, but the player can only follow them.

After each second match in the game, the player will play a button mashing, arm wrestling mini-game for points.

A unique aspect from the MVS version are 2 on 1 matches that occur when a second player joins a in a single player game. In this case the player teams up against the current CPU opponent before facing each other.

Simillar to the single player mode the second player can only choose from the 3 main characters to control, although they could not choose the same character as player one.

The game is followed up with Fatal Fury 2, Special, 3 and the Real Bout Fatal Fury Series as well as the King of Fighters series and Art of Fighting spin off.

The game was included in the Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1 for PS2, the SNK Classics Collection for Wii/PSP/PS2, and on the Neo Geo X released in 2012.

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