Eight Man

Published by: SNK
Developed by: Pallas
Genre: Action
Released: November 10 1991

Eight Man (NGAES)

The Neo Geo game Eight Man was part of a revival of the Japanese anime character 8 Man who originaly debuted in 1963. The 90's revival included this game, a new live action movie, and a new anime series. The game was originally released on the MVS in 1991. The game is an action title that feautres single and two player modes.

The games stars Super 8 Man who was builts with the latest nuclear age tech as a fast and powerful cyborg programmed with the memories of a famous police detective. 8 Man and his partner 9 Man must defend the world from an evil biological computer in a robo suit set on destroying the city.

The game contains 4 levels with 2-6 stages each for a total of 13 stages.

The game mixes action gameplay with speed running segments in which the player runs through the environment like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Eight Man can jump, puch and use bombs. Powerups include the P capsule which increases the player's attack, the L capsule which restores a life point, the B capsule which give the player another bomb, and the 8 capsule which gives Eight Man unlimited bombs for a set time.

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