Double Dragon

Published by: SNK
Developed by: Technos
Genre: Fighting
Released: March 31 1995

Double Dragon (NGAES)

The Neo Geo version of Double Dragon is fighting game based on the 1994 movie version of the Double Dragon beat 'em up series. It was the last Double Dragon game produced. The Neo Geo game Double Dragon was originally released for the MVS on March 3, 1995 and feature and a 2 on 2 versus mode.

The game takes several of it's characters and stages from the movie, and features characters from other Double Dragon games and newcommers to the series. The characters are rendered in an anime art style.

Gameplay is a standard 2d, one on one, 3 round fighter with a unique control scheme. The game uses 4 attack buttons of varying spped and strength which preform different moves based on where the player is positioned relative to their opponent. Each character has a set of special moves they can preform, and a charge move which can be used when the player's charge meter is full.

The game features 12 characters total. The two boss characters can be played using a secret code on this version.

The player chooses their first opponent and then the game takes them through matches against all other characters including their own clone before facing bosses Duke and Shuko.

Chacters include Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, Marian Delario, Bo Abobo, Burnov, Amon, Patrick Dulton, Rebecca Brielle, Eddie Jenkins, Cheng-Fu, and Koga Shuko.

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