Published by: SNK
Developed by: SNK
Genre: Action
Released: July 1 1991

Cyber-Lip (NGAES)

Cyber-Lip is a horizontal run and gun originally released in 1990 for the MVS. The game was designed by Deru, Deru amd Ousama with music composed by Tate Norio. The game is simillar in desgin to Metal Slug which was designed by some the same team. The game features solo play and two player co-op mode.

The game takes place after AD 2030 where government has created space colonies and setup CO-05 as a military base to battle an alien invasion. The colony is run by Cyber-Lip, a supercomputer in charge of an army of military androids. The game stars veterns Rick and Brook who are hired by the government to save Earth from Cyber-Lip after it malfunctions and sends the androids after the humans.

The game features several weapon power-ups including Auto shot, Fire, Wide shot, Bazooka, Grenade, and the Core Bot Shield.

The game contains 7 stages, each ending with a boss fight.

The game was included on the Neo Geo X released in 2012.

Package Art and Screenshots