Crossed Swords

Published by: SNK
Developed by: ADK
Genre: Action
Released: October 1 1991

Crossed Swords (NGAES)

Crossed Swords is a fantasy first person action game with RPG elements for the Neo Geo for one or two players.

The game takes place in the land of Belkana where monsters have attcked. They are led by the Demon Warlord Nausizz who came from the mountains of Graisia. The player controls the Knight of the Journey who came to save the people of Belkana.

The game is best desribed as Punch-Out! gameplay with a beat 'em up style game design. Enemies appear on screen in front of shilouettes of the player and attach the screen. The player equipped with a sword and sheild can defend and attack in order to defeat the enemies. The player can strafe left and right or defend with their sheild. They can attack with two different weapon strikes and use a magic attack based on the equipped weapon.

Crossed Swords includes 17 different enemies. Defeating enemies earns the player experince and gold. When the players gains enough expereince points they will go up a level and their stats increase. Gold can be used at a merchant found in the stages to buy

Weapon upgrades include the mist sword/dx, thunder sword, shield axe/dx, puppet sword, and fira sword.

Shield upgrades include the old man's sheild, scale sheild, and Tule's shield.

The game features 7 different stages and there are multiple pathes the player can take through the game.

A sequel entitled Crossed Swords 2 was released on May 2, 1995 in Japan only for Neo-Geo CD.

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