Blue's Journey

Published by: SNK
Developed by: ADK
Genre: Platformer
Released: July 1 1991

Blue's Journey (NGAES)

Blue's Journey is a platformer originally released as Ragauy in Japan on July 1, 1991. The game features a two player co-op mode which was unique for platformers of the time.

In Blue's Journey the player controls Blue whose homeland, Raguy, has become polluted by the Daruma Tribe. The Raguy tribe is hit hardest of all by the and it is affecting Blue's girlfriend Fa who is part of that tribe. Blue sets out to rid Raguy of the Daruma Tribe.

Blue (and the second player green version of Blue) can move duck, jump, swim attack with a weapon, throw a held enemy, and change to a miniature size. While in the miniature form, Blue can jump higher and run faster.

The game includes 7 stages, but features a branching pathes after some stages so that each playthrough only takes the player through 4 stages. The player can choose which path to take twice in the game. All pathes lead to the final level.

Levels including Jungle Zone, Lower Earth Empire, Empire Marsh, Starge Space, Mechanical City, and Daruma Empire. Each level includes 3 areas and a boss area.

Blue's Journey include several power-ups found by opening big flowers, throughout the underground or in shops.

Flowers are the currency of Raguy and Blue must collect pink and white ones in order to purchase items from shops. Violet flowers reduce Blue's currency however.

Each level contains a store which will appear if the player uses a clover in it's location. When entering a store the player has a limited amount of time to purcahse any items they want.

Items include:
- Weapon upgrades like the Leaf, Bomb, and Boomerang, each of which can be used 3 times if purchased.
- The Cover which open shops.
- The key which opens secret areas.
- Catfish which damages all enemies on screen.
- Ocarina which let's Blue win the chance mini-game.
- Light safe and Super safe which let's Blue keep items after he dies.
- Spike which makes Blue invincible to spikes.
- Swim fin which let's Blue swim faster.
- One song which dispels curses.
- Pine cone which makes Blue temporarily invincible.
- Stem which lets Blue move faster.
- Honey pot and Pink un-budded flower which restores life.
- Silver and Gold cocoon which can be collected for extra lives.

The game was released on Wii's Virtual Console.

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