Art of Fighting 2

Published by: SNK
Developed by: SNK
Genre: Fighting
Released: March 11 1994

Art of Fighting 2 (NGAES)

Art of Fighting 2 is the sequel to the original Neo Geo Art of Fighting 2D fighter.

After rescuing his sister from Southtown and defeating the mysterious Mr. Karate, Ryo and Robert join Yuri and Ryo's father Takuma Sakazaki to face the mastermind behind everything, a young Geese Howard (boss of Fatal Fury). Howard is holding his King of Fighters tournament in Southtown and invites the cast of the original game to take part.

The game uses a four button system for punches, kicks, throws, and taunts. Certain button combinations allow the player to preform a low kick or uppercut.

The player can also duck, block, jump, dash and backdash.

Players have spirit bars simillar to the first game. The bars determine the power of the special attacks used by the players. As the bar depletes special attacks become smaller and travel further. The player can regain their spirit bar by holding any attack button. Taunting an enemy reduces their spirit gauge.

Throughout the game the player must fight the other 8 opponents to see their character's ending.

Characters include: Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki, Jack Turner, Lee Pai Long, King, Mickey Rogers, John Crawley, Mr. Big, and Takuma Sakazaki.

All characters from the original game return as playable characters except for Ryuhaku Todoh.

New characters include Ryo's sister Yuri Sakazaki, Temjin a Mongolian dock worker at the Southtown port, and Eiji Kisargi a ninja from the Kisaragi clan. Geese Howards also appears as a secret boss.

The game is followed-up by the last game in the Art of Fighting series Art of Fighting 3.

The game was included in the Art of Fighting Anthology for PS2 and was released on Wii Virtual Console.

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