Andro Dunos

Published by: SNK
Developed by: Visco
Genre: Shoot 'em up
Released: July 17 1992

Andro Dunos (NGAES)

Andro Dunos is a horizontally shoot'em originally released for the Neo Geo MVS in Japan by Visco on July 17, 1992. The game was designed by Don Gabacho. The game features 2 player simultaneous play.

In Andro Dunos the player's control Neo Type fighters designed by Earth's defense system and sent to end a long lasting war against an alien race. The ships are capable of selecting and upgrading four different types of weapons all ready available and categorized by attack: Shot, Bomb, Missile and Unit.

There are four weapon types in the game, each with a different primary weapon, secondary weapons, homing missles, and options (satalite ships).

The game contains 7 levels.

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