3 Count Bout

Published by: SNK
Developed by: SNK
Genre: Sports
Released: 1993

3 Count Bout (NGAES)

3 Count Bout is a wrestling game originally released as as Fire Suplex for the Neo Geo MVS in Japan on April 23, 1993.

The goal of each match is to reduce the opponents stamina with attacks and grapples, then pin them for 3 counts in order to be declared the winner.

Each wrestler can punch, kick, jump, use their special attack, dodge backwards, dash, bounce of the ropes, grapple, and pin their opponent.

When downed, in a grapple, or pinned the player can mash the A or B button in order get up/break free.

The wrestlers in 3 Bout Count include The Gandhara (200lbs, 5'11"), Leo Bradley (297lbs, 6'3"), The Red Dragon (250lbs, 5'10"), Gochack Bigbomb (441lbs, 7'0"), Terry Rogers (284lbs, 6'1"), Blues Hablam (352lbs, 6'2"), Roy Wilson (297lbs, 6'6"), Big Bomberder (441lbs, 7'0"), Blubber Man (352lbs, 6'2"), and Master Barnes (360lbs, 6'8") Each wrestler has their own move set and special attacks.

The game includes arcade and vs modes.

The arcade mode contains 10 matches. There are four different arenas where matches can take place including a street alley, warehouse, the wrestling ring for title matches, and an electrified ring for death matches. Weapons can also be picked up depending on the stage.

VS modes allow for two players against each other, or a tag match with two players against CPU opponents.

The game was included on the Neo Geo X released in 2012.

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