Ys III: Wanderers From Ys

Published by: American Sammy
Developed by: Tonkin House
Genre: Action RPG
Released: 1992

Ys III: Wanderers From Ys (SNES)

Ys 3 is the 3rd title in Nihon Falcom's popular PC action RPG series. With previous console releases including Ys 1 for Sega Master System, and Ys Books 1 & 2 released on Turbo Grafx-CD, Ys 3 was released on SNES, Genesis and TG-CD, and finally had some support on multiple popular platforms to reach a widespread audience. Unfortunately, the title is not as successful a game the first two games were.

Ys 3 changes the gameplay style quite a bit. Where the first two games were top down action RPGs in which the main player rammed enemies, the 3rd game is a side scrolling action RPG with a jump and attack button (Similar to Zelda 2, or Castlevania 2).

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys features Adol, who has left the land of Ys behind. 3 years after the events of the second game, Adol and his friend Dogi travel to Dogi's hometown of Redmont. Upon arriving, they learn that the townspeople are being threatened by men from the nearby Valestine Castle.

Adol still levels up by gaining experience from killing foes. Adol now also has a Ring Power bar which is consumed when the player uses abilities from equipped rings.

Y's is followed up by Ys 4 and 5, both of which were never released in North America. Ys 6 was released in NA for the PS2 and PSP.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remake of Ys 3 that was made with the Ys 6 engine, completely changing the gameplay. The game was released for Windows and PSP in Japan, but will be released for PSP in North America in 2010.

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