Published by: Accolade
Developed by: PF Magic
Genre: Fighting
Released: 1994

Ballz (SNES)

Ballz is a 3d fighter which was known for its unique aesthetic designing characters out of orbs.

The game opens with the statement "To be the champion, you gotta have Ballz!". The SNES version change this to "To be the champion, you gotta play Ballz".

Ballz features a one player arcade style mode and a two player versus mode.

Playable characters include:
- Boomer the circus clown.
- Bruiser the bodybuilder.
- Crusher the rhinoceros.
- Divine the ballerina.
- Kronk the caveman.
- Tsunami the sumo wrestler.
- Turbo the superhero.
- Yoko the monkey.

During the single player mode the player goes through 21 fights of increasing difficulty with bosses throughout. Defeating a boss earns the player a belt which changes their character's color.

Each boss defeated earns a different colored belt, and these change the fighter's coloring scheme.

Bosses include:
- Guggler the ostrich who provides the red belt.
- Bounder the kangaroo who provides the green belt.
- T-Wrecks the dinosaur who provides the blue belt.
- Lamprey the genie who provides the black belt.
- The Jester who is the final boss.

Completing single player mode allows the player to play as any of the bosses.

A director's cut version of the game was released for the 3D0.

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