Alien vs Predator

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Jorudan
Genre: Action
Released: September 1993

Alien vs Predator (SNES)

Alien vs Predator originally released as Aliens vs Predator in Japan in August, 1993. The game is a side scrolling beat'em up game, but is a completely different style of game from the arcade original of the same name by Capcom.

This game takes place on planet Vega 4 in the year 2493, during an alternate history of the franchise. Colonist construction workers uncover a batch of Alien eggs while digging a subway tunnel, and the aliens begin attacking the colonists. A distress signal is intercepted by the Predators, who decide to hunt the aliens on the planet for fun.

During the game, the player controls a Predator and moves through 10 environments, fighting different types of Aliens, including 6 bosses.

Items that can be picked up include health, invisibility, knives, and spears.

Standard enemies include cocoons, chest-bursters, face huggers, stalkers, and warriors, while the bosses include hybrid and queen aliens.

Package Art and Screenshots



D-Pad: Move in 8 directions.
B: Jump
X: Laser
Y: Punch
L: Slide Left
R: Slide Right

Game Genie Codes

D4EE-A766 : Start on level 1-2
D7EE-A766 : Start on level 2-1
D0EE-A766 : Start on level 3-1
D9EE-A766 : Start on level 4-1
D1EE-A766 : Start on level 5-1
D5EE-A766 : Start on level 5-2
D6EE-A766 : Start on level 5-3
DBEE-A766 : Start on level 6-1
DCEE-A766 : Start on level 6-2
EEB5-6404 + EEB5-64A4 Start with full health bar on Standard level
EEB5-6704 + EEB5-67A4 Start with full health bar on Novice level
EEB6-6D04 + EEB6-6DA4 Start with full health bar on Advanced level
EEB6-6F04 + EEB6-6FA4 Start with full health bar on Expert level
DB8F-AD9D : Start with up to 9 lives on Options screen
F38F-AD2D : Start with up to 30 continues on Options screen
C286-A70D : Infinite lives
3CEA-67D8 : Infinite continues
C236-0DDD : No damage taken from punches
C238-0FDD : No damage taken from jumping attacks, tail attacks, rushes
DF83-64AF : Disc power-ups give 1 disc instead of 6
D783-64AF : Disc power-ups give 3 discs
DC83-64AF : Disc power-ups give 10 discs
FB83-64AF : Disc power-ups give 25 discs
DF8E-6D6F : Spear power-ups give 1 spear instead of 6
D78E-6D6F : Spear power-ups give 3 spears
DC8E-6D6F : Spear power-ups give 10 spears
FB8E-6D6F : Spear power-ups give 25 spears
EDCA-0DD4 : Spear and disc power-ups last until end of level
C282-6FDF : Rhynth(tm) meat doesn't add to your maximum health
D08A-6F6F : Rhynth meat adds 1/2 as much to maximum health
FD8A-6F6F : Rhynth meat adds 2x as much to maximum health
4D8A-6F6F : Rhynth meat adds 4x as much to maximum health
DD82-67DF : Rhynth meat adds nothing to your current health
D082-67DF : Rhynth meat adds half as much to current health
FD82-67DF : Rhynth meat adds 2x as much to current health
4D82-67DF : Rhynth meat adds 4x as much to current health
C28D-A40F : Ptera(tm) meat doesn't heal
1D8D-A7AF : Blue bottles don't heal at all
3C8F-A76F : Blue bottles heal 1/2 of your health
DD84-A4DF : Blue bottles heal completely
DFB1-A4D7 : Light laser can be fired instantly
F6B1-A707 : Medium laser is fired above 3rd line
D9B5-ADD7 : Medium laser can be fired above 1st line
DCB1-A4A7 : Medium laser can be fired below 1st line
F6B5-AF07 : No damage is taken from using heavy laser
DFB5-AD67 : Heavy laser can be fired above 2nd line
F6B5-AD67 : Heavy laser can be fired above 3rd line