ABC Monday Night Football

Published by: Data East
Developed by: Data East
Genre: Sports
Released: 1991

ABC Monday Night Football (SNES)

ABC Monday Night Football is the SNES version of the American Football game originally released on computers. The game takes it's name from TV's ABC Monday Night Football events, but the game was not licensed by the NFL or the Player's Association so it does not use real team or player names. The game plays more like a simplified arcade football game than a simulation title.

The game contains 1 and two player modes and a custom team options that are saved to the cartridge.

Game modes include the regular season mode, pre-season exhibition games, and a versus 2 player mode.

During the regular season mode, the player can choose a team, or create their own custom team.

Teams have different strengths and weaknesses. The teams in the American Conference include the Buffalo Wings, Indianapolis Rays, Miami Sharks, New England Snakes, New York Jets, Cincinnati Dragons, Cleveland Knights, Houston Stars, Pittsburgh Diamonds, Denver Snowmen, Kansas City Swirls, Anaheim Pirates, San Diego Comets, and Seattle Leaves. Teams in the National Conference include the Washington Eagles, New Jersey Torches, Philadelphia Bells, Phoenix Lightning, Dallas Dollars, Chicago Waves, Detroid Cogs, Green Bay Chargers, Minnesota Feathers, Tampa Bay Alligators, San Francisco Bridges, Los Angeles Storms, New Orleans Scythes, and Atlanta Dinosaurs.

The game switches between offense and defense plays. Plays are selected from the playbook which contain 10 different plays.

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