Cloud Master

Published by: Sega
Developed by: Hot-B/Taito Corporation
Released: 1989

Cloud Master (SMS)

Cloud Master is the Master System version of the arcade shoot'em up game, Chuuka Taisen.

The game stars Mike Chen, a sky wizard whose goal is to defeat the five guardians and become the cloud master.

The game is a horizontal scrolling side shooter in which the player files on Mike's cloud and uses his magic to defeat enemies.

Mike's regular weapons include the standard fireball, blue fireballs, yellow fireballs, double power which shoots two of the current fireball attack, and a vertical shooting beam.

After boss battles, the player enters a room where they can choose a special weapon. Special weapons include a four fireball barrier, a two fireball shot, a three fireball shot, a flaming snake attack, and bombs.

The game features 5 stages. Bosses include a bird, giant frog, Buddha, dragon, and samurai.

Enemies include birds, bowls, cans, turtles, pig heads, pig soldiers, cat heads, cat soldiers, soldiers, mushrooms, monkeys, statues, panda heads, and a golden lion. 

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