After Burner

Published by: Sega
Developed by: Sega
Genre: Rail Shooter
Released: 1988

After Burner (SMS)

After Burner is a Japanese arcade game. It was developed by Sega in 1987 and is the first game in the After Burner series. It was also the 8th game developed by Yu Suzuki, who is known for creating many of Sega's popular arcade franchises.

Following its original release in Japan, this game was ported to a number of other consoles and computer systems including the Sega Master System. 

After Burner is an arcade style aerial combat game which allows the player to control an F-14 Tomcat jet with the objective of destroying a series of enemy jets throughout 18 different stages. The jet is equipped with a machine gun and a limited set of missiles to help accomplish these missions. These weapons are replenished after the player defeats a certain number of stages.

After Burner was quite successful and, as a result, was followed by 2 sequels: After Burner II and III. The franchise was dormant for a number of years following these releases until, in 2006, it was revitalized by the release of After Burner Climax - which was developed for arcades on the Sega Lindbergh hardware. Following shortly after this, in 2007, the PSP game After Burner: Black Falcon was also released as a part of this series.

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