Published by: Sega
Developed by: Nexa Corporation
Genre: Platformer
Released: December 31 1989


ALF for Master System is the only console game based on the TV series of the same name. The game was produced by John Sauer and John Emerson, with art by George Kanalias, and music by Randy Roseberry.

In ALF, the player controls Alf as he searches for the parts needed to repair his spaceship. The goal is to repair the ship and meet his friends, Skip and Rhonda, on Mars.

The game is a platformer adventure title in which the player moves Alf through various locations, searching for items needed to progress in the game. The player can jump and use the action button, which will pick up items or open doors.

Environments include the house’s kitchen, basement, roof, yard, pond, general store, and the moon.

Enemies include bats and cyclists, which can be defeated with certain items or avoided.

No other console games were created from this franchise, but other computer games and educational titles were created including ALF: The First Adventure, ALF's US Geography and ALF's Thinking Skills.

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