Published by: Tengen
Developed by: Tengen
Genre: Sports
Released: 1989

Toobin (NES)

Toobin' is the NES port of the Atari arcade game released by Tengen. The game is a racing title in which the player races down a river riding a inner tube. The game stars Bif and Jet and allows for 2 player races. In single player mode the player will race against a CPU controlled player called Flotsam.

Gameplay consists of dodging obstacles and collecting bonuses while being pushed down the river. A common tactic is to bump the other player to knock them into obstacles or away from bonuses.

Power-ups include cans which can be thrown at the opposite player and items that increase the player's score including letter blocks that spell out Toobin and treasures. Gates will increase a score multiplier when passed through as well.

The game has three race classes, each with five rivers. 

The rivers in each class are as follows:
Colorado, Amazon, Okeefenokee, American and Argentum
Yukon, Styx, Left Bank, Cuprum and Nile
Jurassic, Black Forest, Rio Grande, Canals Of Mars and Nightmare

The arcade version of the game is included as part of Midway Arcade Treasures.

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