Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1989

Tetris (NES)

Tetris is the NES version of the popular Russian puzzle game which was designed by Soviet Academy of Sciences researcher Alexey Pajitnov alongside Dmitry Pavlovsky and Vadim Gerasimov in 1984.  

This NES version of the game was released by Nintendo after securing the rights away from Tengen in a complex licensing issue. The game was released after Tengen's version and is considered weaker due to the lack of a two player mode.

Game play revolves around rotating and aligning tetrominoe shapes which drop from the top of the screen. There are 7 different block shapes. The player must arrange the shapes in a way that there are no gaps in a line and that line would be removed from the board. The goal was to continue the game for as long as possible without letting the pile of shapes reach the top of the screen. The speed at which the blocks fell increased as the player removed more and more lines from the board. 

The game featured several modes. Mode A is a score chase to see how long the player can last. The player can choose from 9 different starting speeds. 

Mode B challenges the player to clear 25 lines off the board at a certain speed. The board is pre-filled with a certain amount of shapes. The player can choose the speed this mode is played at and how many lines of pre-filled blocks appear on the stage.

Both modes allow the player to choose from 3 background tracks.

Aside from the other version of the game released, Tetris has been followed with many Tetris titles, the next being Tetris 2 for the NES. The most notable release was Nintendo's gameboy version.

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