Tetris 2

Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1993

Tetris 2 (NES)

Tetris 2 is Nintendo's follow up to the NES and Gameboy puzzle hit Tetris. The game features very different game play from the original.

The game still features features falling block shapes like the original Tetris. The box shape is removed and new Y and longer L shapes are added. These two shapes have ends that aren't connected to the rest of the block and can be split strategically to fit into smaller spaces.

As with the original Tetris the game features blocks falling from the top of the screen which can be rotated and placed below. All shapes in Tetris 2 can be 3 different colors: red, green, and yellow. The goal in Tetris 2 is not to create full lines, but instead to create rows or columns of 3 of the same color which will be removed from the board. 

Each stage begins with a certain number of blocks on the board and the goal is to remove one of each color from the bottom row. Bomb blocks can also appear within the stages. Bomb blocks are one of the three colors and if they form a 3 color row or column they will detonate and destroy all other bomb blocks of the same color on the board.

The game features 90 stages. After every 10 stages the player gets small scene.

A 16-bit version of Tetris 2 was also released for the SNES. Tetris 2 is followed up by many more Tetris games including Tetris Blast for the Gameboy and Tetris Attack for the Gameboy and SNES.

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