Punisher; The

Published by: LJN
Developed by: Beam Software
Genre: Shooter
Released: November 1990

Punisher; The (NES)

The Punisher is a video game based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. This game is different from the Capcom beat'em up released for the Sega Genesis. This game was designed by Gregg Barnett and Paul Kidd, with music composed by Gavan Anderson and Tania Smith.

The game stars the Punisher, Frank Castle, a Vietnam vet whose family was killed in a mob hit. Frank Castle has since become a vigilante with the goal of cleaning up the streets.

The game is a rail shooter with a unique perspective and control scheme. The Punisher is shown on screen aiming towards the environment. As enemies appear on screen, the player must aim with their crosshair and shoot the enemies before they get a chance to fire back. As the player moves the cursor around the screen, the Punisher will be moved left and right in the foreground. Holding down the fire button keeps him in place. Dodging enemy fire by moving the character is an important part of the gameplay. 

The Punisher's default weapon is the uzi, but he can pick up temporary weapons including the assault rifle and super gun. The player can also use grenades and rocket launchers.

The game features 6 stages, all set in New York City. Depending on the number of enemies killed in each stage, the player earns a bonus for completing that stage. 

Standard enemies include street thugs, the mafia, green berets, snipers, gang leaders, ninja, and scuba divers.

The game feature villains from the comics, including  Hitman, Jigsaw, Colonel Kliegg, Sijo Kanaka, Assassin, and the  Kingpin.

RGG Says: A intersting Cabal clone starring the Marvel Comics vigilante. Not a bad game, just repetitive and boring.

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