Mega Man 5

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action
Released: 1992

Mega Man 5 (NES)

Mega Man 5 was released by Capcom in 1992.

After Dr. Willy had returned and again escaped capture at the end of the previous title, Proto Man seems to have turned evil. He leads a robot army against the world and it's up to Mega Man to find out what caused this change, rescue the kidnapped Dr. Light, and save the world again.

This time through the robot masters are: Gravity Man, Wave Man, Stone Man, Gyro Man, Star Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, and Crystal Man.

Mega Man's mega buster returns and the charged shot now has a wider range. A new type of energy tank is also added which will refill Mega Man's health as well as all his weapons.

A new feature is that Mega Man can find letters hidden in every stage. If he collects all letters spelling out “MEGAMANV” he will receive a new companion from Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack. The new robot bird Beat will drop off items for Mega Man, and attack enemies when called.

Again Mega Man 5 scored high in reviews, but there was some backlash as many gamers felt the title brought nothing new to the series. 

The game is followed up by Mega Man 6 for the NES.

Mega Man 5 has been included on the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PS2/Xbox/Gamecube.

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