Legendary Wings

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Shoot em up
Released: 1988

Legendary Wings (NES)

Legendary Wings is a shoot'em up developed by Capcom and released for the NES in 1988. The game is a port of the arcade title featuring two winged warriors fighting against a supercomputer named Dark who has turned on mankind. 

The game features five stages and two optional levels. The five stages alternate between top down vertical shooters, and side scrolling levels. The two optional levels are a trap level which the user can be sucked into during the first stage, or a bonus stage containing treasure chests found later in the game. All stages end with a boss battle.

The power-up system allows the player to pick up ā€œPā€ pods which increase the strength of their weapon. There are 5 upgrades including the twin laser, beam, triple shot, and "Psycho Flame" gun,

The game allows the player to continue, but only after finding continue hearts hidden in the stages. 

The original coin-op version is included in Capcom Classics Collection: Volume 1 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox and in Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed for PlayStation Portable.

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