Published by: LJN
Developed by: LJN
Genre: Action
Released: 1987

Jaws (NES)

Jaws is an NES game based on the popular film series. While it uses elements from the original film, the majority of inspiration for the game comes from the movie Jaws 4: The Revenge.

In the game the player controls a boat which travels around the sea looking for Jaws. Random encounters will force a diver from the bottom of the boat to investigate the waters below. He can use a spear-gun to attack sea creates below before returning to the sea. If Jaws is encountered the player can attack with the spear-gun. If the Jaws appears on the map screen, the player can run into it which will allow the player to fire depth charges from the boat to attack the shark.

Items can be collected in the random encounters like shells which can be used for trade, and crabs which make the diver move faster. Equipment and upgrades are purchased from the two ports on the map. The player can buy a receiver, which tracks the location of Jaws on the overhead map; the faster it beeps, the closer Jaws is to the player. The player can also buy increases to their overall attack power.

It will take quite a few encounters to deplete Jaw's health bar. Once it's low enough the game will change to a first person view in which the player controls the boat. The player must hit Jaws with depth charges in order to stun him and then ram him with the boat.

Killing smaller sharks may allow the player to play a mini-game in which they control an airplane and attack Jellyfish below. Enough kills earns and extra life.

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