Ikari Warriors

Published by: SNK
Developed by: SNK
Genre: Top Down Shooter
Released: 1987

Ikari Warriors (NES)

Ikari Warriors is a port of an arcade game by SNK. The game is a top down shooter like Commando. Ikari Warriors was inspired by the Rambo movies and its name is a reference to the name of the  Japanese version of the film.
Ikari Warriors features Ralf and Clark, who are trying to reach the village of Ikari. Enemy units  include tanks, enemy soldiers and helicopters.
The game contains 4 long stages that can be played by two players simultaneously. Gameplay consists of moving up through the levels destroying enemies using machine guns or grenades. The game allows players to enter enemy tanks and use them to run down or shoot enemies. After a certain amount of fuel, or after getting damaged by explosions and grenades the tank will explode. The player will die if they don't escape before that happens. In later stages the player can also get an enemy helicopter.
The game is followed up by two NES sequels: Ikari Warriors II Victory Road and Ikari III: The Rescue as well as the spin-off Iron Tank.

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