Guardian Legend; The

Published by: Borderbund
Developed by: Compile
Genre: RPG / Shoot em up
Released: 1989

Guardian Legend; The (NES)

The Guardian Legend was released in North America by Borderbund in 1989. The game is developed by Compile who's best known for their Tubro Grafx 16 games (Alien's/Devil's Crush, Blazing Lazers, etc). The game is a sequel to Compile's Guardic which was only released on the MSX in Japan. 

The plot of The Guardian Legend revolves around a mysterious alien infected planet that is moving towards Earth. You play the Guardian who is a robot that is able to transform into a ship. The planet Naju's previous inhabitants were wiped out before they were able to activate the 10 safety devices which would cause the planet to self destruct. That task now falls to you.

The game is unique in that it was one of the first games to combine the RPG, adventure, and shooter genres into a single game.

The game begins with a stage similar to any vertically scrolling shooter game, but upon completing the stage the player lands on the planet Naju, where the game becomes much more like the original Legend of Zelda game. You explore the planet in humanoid form searching for clues, upgrades and dungeons. Each dungeon is a shooter level where your goal is to survive and defeat the boss.

The game features a password system for continuing. 

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