Friday the 13th

Published by: LJN
Developed by: Pack-In-Video
Genre: Horror
Released: 1989

Friday the 13th (NES)

Friday the 13th is a horror game published by LJN in 1989 for the NES. It is based on the popular horror franchise of the same name. 

The game has the player controlling 6 camp councilors at Crystal Lake camp who's children are being hunted and killed by Jason Voorhees. The player can move through the camp's paths, forests, lake, and cave in order to stop Jason and find helpful power-ups.

The camp contains several cabins which can contain children or other councilors. The player will be alerted when a cabin is under attack and a timer will show the time that the player has to enter the cabin and face Jason in order to save the occupants. If all the children are killed the game is over. Also if all the councilors are killed the game ends as well. Players can switch between councilors when needed.

Jason may also randomly attack the player on paths. After dealing enough damage to Jason, he will retreat. When Jason's life bar is completely emptied a new day begins and Jason has to be killed 3 times in order to win the game.

Weapons include, a rock, knife, machete, and torches. Players can also collect items that can be used to restore health, and lighters which they can use to light fireplace which will keep Jason from entering that cabin. A key can also be found which opens Jason's home in the cave and allows the player to face Jason's mother's head. Defeating it each day earns the player a different item including a machete weapon, and then her sweater which protects against damage.

RGG Says: Some very interesting survival horror concepts at play here, ruined by some really bad game design choices.

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