Cobra Triangle

Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Rare
Genre: Racing
Released: 1989

Cobra Triangle (NES)

From the success of their isometric racing game R.C. Pro Am, Rare follows up with Cobra Triangle, another isometric racing game. The differences are plenty, the least of which being that in this game the player races boats instead of cars and that the boats are armed with guns and missles.

The game is made up of 25 levels. Instead of just racing  Cobra Triangle features several missions. The mission types include standard races, racing through obstacle courses trying to beat the clock, collecting mines and dropping them off in a safe area, protecting people from other boats, jumping waterfalls, shooting targets, and boss battles. The bosses include two sea serpents, a giant crab, a giant squid, and a giant shark.

By collecting pods the player can choose to upgrade different parts of their boat. Each pod changes the power-up that will be acquired and selecting that power-up uses all gathered pods. Players can strengthen their gun or missile, as well as increase the speed of their boat or their fire rate.

RGG Says: Rare's cool take on their R.C. Pro Am series using boats and mission based objectives

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