Published by: Sony Imagesoft
Developed by: Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Action
Released: 1993

Cliffhanger (NES)

Cliffhanger is a single-player video game which was released in 1994. It is based on the film of the same name.
Following the plot of the movie, a plane filled with terrorists, which is attempting to steal money from a treasury plane while airborne, is shot down by an FBI plane. The terrorists survive and send out a distress signal, which the main character, Gabe, responds to. However, Gabe does not know that the mayday signal is coming from a group of terrorists, and, after reaching them, the terrorists capture Gabe's partner, Hal, and hold him hostage. Gabe must then set out and retrieve the money in order to save Hal.
As the game begins, the player - controlling Gabe -  is responding to the distress call, before Hal has been captured. In order to progress through the game, the player must watch out for enemies and either jump to avoid them or defeat them by attacking with various weapons, such as a knife or a gun. There are also bosses after every few levels. Ultimately, after progressing through the levels, Gabe must face off against the final boss - Qualen, the leader of the terrorist group - in order to rescue Hal.
This game uses simple side scrolling gameplay. Along with fighting the terrorists, Gabe must also overcome such obstacles as hawks, wolves, falling boulders and freezing to death if left immobile for long periods of time.
David Jaffe (the man behind God of War and Twisted Metal) was one of the testers for this game and well-known composer Mark Cooksey wrote this game's music, however, Cliffhanger was still awarded Worst Movie-to-Game of 1994 by Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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