Classic Concentration

Published by: GameTek
Developed by: GameTek
Genre: Game Show
Released: 1990

Classic Concentration (NES)

Classic Concentration is a video game version of the late 80's TV game show.

The game has 2 contestants playing a game of memory for prizes and in order to reveal the puzzle behind the board tiles.

In this game, the players take turn choosing two tiles from the board. Each tile has a prize on it. If the tiles match, or one of the tiles is a Wild card tile, those tiles are removed from the board and that prize is added to that player's lot. If the tiles do not match, the other player gets to go.

As the players match tiles, a rebus puzzle is revealed. The puzzle shows a number of pictures which, when the names of each are read aloud in succession, sound out the winning phrase. The first player to enter the correct phrase during their turn, no matter how many tiles are left, wins the round.

Classic Concentration features 2 or 3 rounds of the standard game, followed by a bonus round.

The first to win 2 rounds of the standard game move onto the bonus round, where they must match 14 tiles on a smaller board as quickly as possible. If they manage to match all the tiles within the 35 second time limit, they win the car prize.

RGG Says: A game version of the 80's game show that's not really worth checking out if you don't

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