Castle of Dragon

Published by: SETA
Developed by: Athena
Genre: Action
Released: July 1990

Castle of Dragon (NES)

Castle of Dragon is an action game originally released in Japan as Dragon Unit on February 27, 1990. The game is a port of the Japanese arcade title of the same name.

In Castle of Dragon, the player controls the knight Geraden, who has defended the kingdom of Offeria for nearly 20 years against the forces of the Dragon Master, Darklarza. The king has long since gone into exile and offered the hand of his daughter, Princess Amoreena, to Geraden who has vowed to free the kingdom from the Dragon Masters threat.

The game contains 3 stages: The Wenlary Castle, Heresy Forest, and Darklarza Castle. Each stage is split into substages.

Geraden can crouch, jump, defend with his shield, attack and switch weapons.

Weapons in the game include the sword, throwing knife, mace, sonic sword, and lightning sword. An armor pickup also increases the player's healthbar.

The game also includes four relics which provide unique abilities including the Golden Armor, Crystal Ball, Dragon Scale Shield, and Dragon Slayer Sword.

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