Caesar's Palace

Published by: Virgin Interactive
Developed by: Realtime Associates
Genre: Casino
Released: 1992

Caesar's Palace (NES)

Caesars Palace is a casino game which takes place in the famous Las Vegas Caesars Palace casino. Because the game was marketed to children, it contained a disclaimer that it is meant for entertainment and not actual gambling.

In this game, the player enters Caesars Palace with $1000 and the choice of 5 different gambling games including Slot machines, Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and the Big Six Wheel. 

The player uses a cursor on screen to select the game from the casino floor, and then select actions during each game.

The games follow standard casino rules with some minor variations. 

- Slot Machines allow the player 1-3 plays for each spin. There are several different machines with different minimum bets. 

- In Video Poker, only pairs of Jacks and higher hands win.

- In roulette, both 0 and 00 bets are available.

- In Blackjack, the player is the only one at the table. 

- The big six wheel (likely the least known of all the games) is similar to roulette, but with much fewer options and different odds.

The game ends when the player leaves the casino. Depending on the amount of cash the player currently has, the ending shows them leaving in different modes of transportation including the bus, a taxi, a green car, an orange luxury car, a limo, and a red sports car.

This game is followed with Super Caesars Palace for the SNES and Genesis.

RGG Says: Tries to be a realistic gambling title, which doesn't hold up as a retro game.

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