Published by: Data East
Developed by: Data East
Genre: Action
Released: 1987

Breakthru (NES)

BreakThru is the NES port version of the 1986 arcade action game by Data East.

In BreakThru, the player controls a soldier in a dune buggy who is on a mission to retrieve the PK340, a secret fighter jet that has been stolen by enemy forces.

The game contains five stages including the Mountain, Bridge, Prairie, City, and the enemy base, which houses the stolen jet.

The player can move, speed up and slow down their vehicle in order to avoid obstacles and shoot at enemies, as well as other obstacles, to destroy them. The player can also jump over hazards such as landslides, pits, and enemy fire.

Power-ups also are dropped from friendly aircraft which can upgrade the player's weapon to a 3 way shot.

Enemies throughout the stages include soldiers, jeeps, tanks, trucks, armoured vehicles, and helicopters.

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