Published by: LJN
Developed by: Rare
Genre: Platformer
Released: May 1991

Beetlejuice (NES)

Beetlejuice is an NES platformer game based on the film Beetlejuice.

In the game the player controls Beetlejuice who must stomp cockroaches in order to earn scare points that can be used to scare enemies. 

The games includes 5 levels in which Beetlejuice must defeat enemies with scares. The first series of stages has Beetlejuice traveling to his home in order to scare the Deetz family away while the later stages have him battling mythical creatures in the afterlife.

The levels include the Town, Sewers, Deetz Residence, Neitherworld, and Afterlife.

RGG Says: A terrible platformer loosely based on the film of the same name.

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