Back to the Future

Published by: LJN
Developed by: Beam Software
Genre: Action
Released: 1989

Back to the Future (NES)

Back to the Future is an NES game published by LJN based on the popular movie. The game features Marty who moves through 1955 Hill Valley in order to complete objectives and return to his own time. The objectives loosely follow the plot in the movie and the objective stages are connected by vertical scrolling street sections in which Marty must avoid obstacles and collect clocks which prevent the future from changing before Marty can complete his objectives. A fading photo at the bottom of the screen show the status of this feature.

During the street stages Marty can pick up a skateboard which will allow him to move faster, or a bowling ball which he can use to defeat enemies.

The four objectives at the end of each street stage include: Defeating Biff's team of bullies at a cafe, dodging kisses from Lorraine, and playing guitar at the school dance. The final level contains Marty driving the DeLorean in order to get the car up to 88mph and complete the game. 

RGG Says: A terrible, Paperboy inspired, game with little use of the original license.

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