Athletic World

Published by: Bandai
Developed by: TRY Co., Ltd.
Genre: Sports
Released: July 1987

Athletic World (NES)

Athletic World is an Olympic-style sports game for the NES, developed by Bandai. The game was one of Bandai's first titles and also one of the first Family Trainer Series titles, which were a series of NES games that required use of the Family Fun Fitness pad accessory, also known as the Power Pad. The game touted being a fitness trainer game that was fun for the family, and the first edition featured the Family Fun Fitness logo on  the box.

It also was labeled compatible only with the Family Fun Fitness accessory. Once Nintendo bought the rights to the Family Fun Fitness pad, they re-released Athletic World with an updated label, this time displaying compatibility with the Power Pad. The second edition of the game featured a different box, making the original box a rare item for collectors.

The game provided customized advice for each player by taking their Name, Age, Gender, and the current date to build a profile. 

The game featured five different Olympic-style challenges which included: Hurdles, Hop A Log, Animal Trail, Rafting, and Dark Tunnel.

The player controls their character in the game by stepping, running, and jumping on the Power Pad. Each event offers a different challenge, which tested speed, accuracy and timing.

Athletic world offers three modes of play, training, beginner, and expert.

It is followed up by other Family Trainer Series games, including Stadium Events and World Class Track Meet.

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