Arkista's Ring

Published by: American Sammy
Developed by: American Sammy
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1990

Arkista's Ring (NES)

Arkista's Ring is a video game which was developed and published by American Sammy for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It is an action-adventure game set in a fantasy world, in which the player controls a female elf named Christine as she journeys to find the Elven ring of Arkista.
The Elven ring of Arkista has been stolen by the villainous Shogun. As a result, the entire Elven Kingdom has been cast into darkness. The only hope for the Elves is Christine, equipped with a bow must travel throughout the Kingdom and retrieve the ring.
Much like "The Legend of Zelda", this game is played from a top-down perspective and pits the player against a multitude of various enemies. one prominent difference, however, is that this game follows a very linear fashion, as it guides the player through a total of 125 stages.
Each stage starts with Christine having to kill a certain number of enemies to gain access to a hidden key. Once the key for each stage is obtained, the player must then travel through the stage in search of the exit.
There are 32 different stages, after which the game loops over. The re-purposed stages are progressively more difficult. The game is completed after the player successfully finishes the 125th stage.
Upgrades can be found in this game through defeating opponents. At random, enemies will leave behind item pouches when they are killed. The items contained in these pouches are also random. Players can collect several upgrades to their bow and arrows this way, which increase shot distance and damage respectively. Players may also find other beneficial items, such as armor and health potions

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