Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Rare
Genre: Board Game
Released: 1988

Anticipation (NES)

Anticipation is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System which was developed by Rare and released in 1988. It is playable as a single player game with computer-controlled players or as a multiplayer game with support for up to four players.
The gameplay is similar to that of the "Pictionary" board game. Each player can select to be represented as either a pair of women's shoes, a horn, an ice cream cone, or a Teddy bear.
To begin, the game slowly draws a picture. The first player to buzz in and guess the correct answer moves forward on the game's board. The number of spaces that the player moves depends upon the number on the dice, which counts down from 6 as the picture is drawn.
Once a player correctly identifies a drawing for each of the four categories on a level, that player rises to the next-higher level. On the Easy and Medium difficulty levels, the first player to complete the third level wins the game. On the Hard and Very Hard difficulty levels, the first player to complete all four levels wins. The fourth level is identical to the third, except that some of the spaces are removed, and if a player lands on one of the removed spaces, the player falls back down to the third level. When a player falls, however, they still retains credit for whatever categories they answered while on the fourth level, and can climb back to the fourth level by correctly answering a puzzle from one of the remaining categories.

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