All-Pro Basketball

Published by: Vic Tokai
Developed by: Vic Tokai
Genre: Sports
Released: 1989

All-Pro Basketball (NES)

All-Pro Basketball is a basketball game for the NES. The game features a single player mode and a two player co-op modes in which players play on the same team against CPU. The game features a password system so that the player can continue where they left off in the tournament. 

The game is not licensed by the NBA and features fictional teams which include the New York Slicks, Chicago Zephers, Boston Redcoats, Los Angeles Breakers, Dallas Stallions, Phoenix Wings, Seattle Sonics, and the San Francisco Bayriders.

After seven fouls in a single half, the opposite team will shoot free throws for every foul. There are only two kinds of fouls, an offensive foul and pushing foul. All other calls which result in a turnover include traveling, goal-tending, 10 second violations, and 5 second violations.

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