Alien Syndrome

Published by: Tengen
Developed by: Sanritsu Denki
Genre: Shooter
Released: 1988

Alien Syndrome (NES)

Alien Syndrome is a port of an Arcade game developed by Sega. The NES port was released by Tengen in 1988. The game is a top down action title in which the player must search for survivors in alien infested levels. Each level contains several map points which show the location of missed survivors. There is also a time limit in which each level must be completed. Once all the survivors are found, the exit will open and the player can proceed to the boss battle.

The game features 8 stages, 2 player simultaneous same screen co-op play, and several weapon power-ups.

Alien Syndrome was published for NES on an unlicensed Tengen black cartridge.

The game has also been remade and is available in the US release of the PS2 title "Sega Classics Collection". A sequel also titled "Alien Syndrome" was also released for PSP and Wii in 2007.

RGG Says: The best home port of this sci-fi top down arcade action title with great co-op gameplay.

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