Alfred Chicken

Published by: Mindscape
Developed by: Twilight Games
Genre: Platformer
Released: 1994

Alfred Chicken (NES)

Alfred Chicken is a platformer originally created for the Gameboy by developer Twilight. The NES version was published later and uses the gameboy version as it's basis.

The game stars Alfred Chicken who is fighting against an evil group of mechanical chickens called the Mecha-Chickens. The Mecha-Chickens have kidnapped a chicken named Billy and his egg brothers to use in experiments as well as Floella, Alfred's girlfriend. Helping him along the way is a giant flower named Mr. Peckles who gives Alfred power-ups.

The game is a typical platformer in which the player must navigate Alfred through 5 levels. The goal of each level is to pop all the balloons which will allow him to fight the boss of the stage.

Alfred can walk, jump, and peck balloons and ground switches. In the air he can dive bomb enemies or springs to reach higher platforms. 

Power-ups allow Alfred to use a bomb that collects items and damages enemies, or a worm that surrounds Alfred destroying enemies he comes into contact with.

Enemies include spike-balls, toy moles, snails, rockets, mines, and lasers. 

Alfred Chicken is followed up by a sequel on the SNES entitled Super Alfred Chicken. 

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