Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing

Published by: Data East
Developed by: Data East
Genre: Racing
Released: 1990

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing (NES)

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing is a racing game for the NES developed by Data East. An interesting detail is that the game is a Formula One game while Al Unser Jr is actually a CART driver who had never participated in an F1 race. The game only carried the Al Unser name in North America as Al Unser Jr wasn't well known outside of the US.

The game is a first person racer in which the player is inside the vehicle and can see the speed and boost gauges. The player can steer, accelerate and brake, as well as boost, but the boost must be refilled before another use.

Hazards such as signposts and other cars must be avoided. A qualifying lap is held prior to each race.

This game features a championship season mode and two time trial modes. 

In the championship the player can choose to play as the Al Unser Jr. or their own team. Playing Unser starts the player with the best vehicle, starting a team means having to build up their rank and car over the season. 

The season is a 16 race scheduele which takes place on tracks in the following countries/tracks: Brazil (Nelson Piquet), Spain (Jerez), Hungary (Hungaroring), Austria (Österreichring), West Germany (Hockenheim), Monaco (Monaco), Mexico (Rodriguez), Canada (Gilles Villeneuve), France (Paul Ricard), Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps), Italy (Monza), Portugal (Estoril), Japan (Suzuka), Australia (Adelaide), U.K. (Silverstone), United States (Long Beach). This selection is inspired by the 1988 F1 season.

Each race features 26 drivers, all except Unser are fictional. Unser will provide advice between races about each course. The player can also practice the course as much as they like before trying to qualify. Qualifying determines the racer's starting position on the grid. The player can also choose to modify their car before the actual race.

Points towards the championship are awarded to the top six finishers (9-5-4-3-2-1), consistent with the points system utilized in Formula One at the time. The top six finishers also receive a certain number of set-up points to improve the car. At the end of the season, the driver with the most points wins the World Championship.

During each race, running into things can harm engines or blow tires, which can be repaired by pitting. While pitting, the race is halted so as not to put the player at a disadvantage . Races last 3-5 laps.

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