Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The

Published by: SETA
Developed by: SETA
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1989

Adventures of Tom Sawyer; The (NES)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was an NES game released in 1989. It was developed and published by Seta, and is not the same game as the Squaresoft Famicom RPG "Tom Sawyer".

While the game uses the characters of the famous Mark Twain novel. The plot simply involves playing through a dream that Tom is having in class. 

The game features 6 stages, and is mainly a platformer, but there are also some raft levels thrown in. 

In the platforming stages Tom must travel through various locations including a ship, haunted house. Tom can throw rocks to damage enemies, and each level has a boss fight as well. 

The raft stages feature Tom traveling down Mississippi River avoiding hazards. The view changes to overhead, but Tom can still jump off his raft to get past some obstacles.

RGG Says: A decent action platformer with a shoot'em up like raft segment that has nothing to do with the source material.

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