Adventures of Rad Gravity; The

Published by: Activision
Developed by: Activision
Genre: Action
Released: 1990

Adventures of Rad Gravity; The (NES)

The Adventures of Rad Gravity is an NES game published by Activision in 1990. It was developed by Interplay Productions. 
The game takes place in the future where humans have created sentient beings called Compuminds which are able to communicate across space. They form the basis of communication for human's colonized planets. The Compuminds have been shut down and hidden by the villain Agathos. Rad Gravity comes across the first Compumind named Kakos and together they set out the rescue the rest and defeat Agathos. 
The game is a platform title in which the player can jump, attack and find  power-ups to increase their abilities. 
Weapons include the laser sword, super sword, power pistol, verigun, maxigun, Saurian crystals, and crystal bombs. 
Armor includes the red, pink, green, and white armor suits. 
Rad can also collect the following items: teleport beacon, communicator, translator, and energy disk. 
There are 10 stages in the game including Cyberia, Effluvia, Turvia, Sauria, Vernia, Asteroid Belt, Odar, Utopia, Volcania, and Telos
Turvia was a unique planet where gravity was reversed. The characters, enemies and backgrounds were all drawn upside down for this purpose. 
The Adventures of Rad Gravity uses a password system which will allow the player to continue where they left off with all the items that had been collected. 

Package Art and Screenshots




D-Pad Left and Right:
Move character.

D-Pad Up:
Enter door

D-Pad Down:


Down + A:
Jumping down to a lower level

Use item.

Pause and check inventory.