Adventures of Lolo

Published by: HAL Laboratory
Developed by: HAL Laboratory
Genre: Puzzle
Released: April 1989

Adventures of Lolo (NES)

Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle game which was based on the Japanese "Eggerland" video game series which were similar puzzle games released for the MSX and Famicom. It was released in 1989 by HAL Corporation for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
Adventures of Lolo features a total of 50 levels - a number of which are directly based on levels from the games in the Eggerland series. This game differs from it's predecessors, however, in it's progressive storyline. Before the player can begin each floor, a text window appears to advance the story, as well as the gameplay.
In this game, the main character, Lolo, is on a quest to rescue his girlfriend, Lala, and defeat the Great Devil who has kidnapped her.
Despite the new approach to storytelling, this game was viewed as a 'compiliation' overseas and, as a result, was not released in Japan.
Lolo and Lala, however, did appear in some other Japanese games: under the new names of Lololo and Lalala, they appear in reoccurring roles in the Kirby games, one of HAL Corporation's other series.
They also reappear as the protagonists in the 2 sequels to Adventures of Lolo - Adventures of Lolo 2 and 3. Both of these games were released in Japan, although they were referred to as Adventures of Lolo 1 and 2 there

RGG Says: A great puzzler for the NES that's worth playing.

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Move character

Shoot if obtained

Use PW ability if obtained

Restart the stage

Pause the game


Room 1-1: BBBV
Room 1-2: BCBT
Room 1-3: BDBR
Room 1-4: BGBQ
Room 1-5: BHBP
Room 2-1: BJBM
Room 2-2: BKBL
Room 2-3: BLBK
Room 2-4: BMBJ
Room 2-5: BPBH
Room 3-1: BQBG
Room 3-2: BRBD
Room 3-3: BTBC
Room 3-4: BVBB
Room 3-5: BYZZ
Room 4-1: BZZY
Room 4-2: CBZV
Room 4-3: CCZT
Room 4-4: CDZR
Room 4-5: CGZQ
Room 5-1: CHZP
Room 5-2: CJZM
Room 5-3: CKZL
Room 5-4: CLZK
Room 5-5: CMZJ
Room 6-1: CPZH
Room 6-2: CQZG
Room 6-3: CRZD
Room 6-4: CTZC
Room 6-5: CVZB
Room 7-1: CYYZ
Room 7-2: CZYY
Room 7-3: DBYV
Room 7-4: DCYT
Room 7-5: DDYR
Room 8-1: DGYQ
Room 8-2: DHYP
Room 8-3: DJYM
Room 8-4: DKYL
Room 8-5: DLYK
Room 9-1: DMYJ
Room 9-2: DPYH
Room 9-3: DQYG
Room 9-4: DRYD
Room 9-5: DTYC
Room 10-1: DVYB
Room 10-2: DYVZ
Room 10-3: DZVY
Room 10-4: GBVV
Room 10-5: GCVT

Game Genie Codes

Start with 1 life:

Start with 9 lives:

Start with Infinite lives: