Adventures of Lolo 2

Published by: HAL Laboratory
Developed by: HAL Laboratory
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1990

Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES)

Adventures of Lolo 2 was released in 1990 by HAL Corporation for the NES. It is the sequel to Adventures of Lolo and is a puzzle game, as was the original. In fact, the gameplay is so similar to its predecessor, that this game was not very well received and the series' popularity fell as a result of its repetitive level structure, monster design, and gameplay.
A Japanese version of this game was also released under the name of Adventures of Lolo, because the original was never released overseas. This version received a better response than its North American counterpart because it featured a different level of difficulty and more varied stages.
The game did offer a few unique gameplay elements, though. Both versions of the game contained 50 different puzzle rooms, and a final fight with King Egger at the completion of these levels. This was the first game in which the player could fight the King directly. Adventures of Lolo 2 also featured  4 hidden Pro puzzle rooms, which were notably harder rooms for players wishing to further challenge themselves. Also, the last five levels of this game take place in a castle in the sky which is illustrated by a different tile-set than that used for the previous 45 levels.
Ultimately, these small improvements were not enough to differentiate the gameplay of this game from that of its predecessor, though.
The game is followed-up with the next title in the series Adventures of Lolo 3 for the NES.

RGG Says: More Lolo for those who loved the first game.

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Move Lolo.

Shoot magic or use tools when power-ups are obtained.

Restart the room.

Pause the game.