Adventures of Gilligan's Island; The

Published by: Bandai
Developed by: Bandai
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1990

Adventures of Gilligan's Island; The (NES)

The Adventures of Gilligan's Island is a NES game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Bandai. Despite the show being off the air for 23 years the game was produced and released. The game is an action adventure game where the player must avoid enemies while collecting items needed to progress through the game. 
The game is based on the popular sitcom from the 1960's in which Gilligan and other castaways have been marooned on a desert island. The player must search the island  collecting various objects, speaking with the millionaire, his wife, the professor, and Mary Ann (Ginger is not in the game) and solving various puzzles.
Aside from the items needed to solve puzzles the player can collect bananas which restore health, hourglasses which add a minute to the timer, and rope which will instantly save Gilligan if he's gotten away from you.
The game takes place over four levels/episodes. Different aspects of the game are inspired by certain episodes of the series. 
The player controls the Skipper and is followed around by Gilligan, who is in constant need of help. The player has to save Gilligan if he falls into a hole or gets stuck in traps. The game features a time limit for each level which lasts quite a while, but when Gilligan is trapped it drops to 2 minutes.
The island itself is filled with various enemies which attack the player. These include birds, snakes and other creatures.
The game is known for it's terrible control of Gilligan, but some feel that the character would actually behave that way as a constant source of frustration, the plot in the game even revolves around the castaways planing their island escape in a way that Giligan can't screw it up.

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