Adventures of Dino Riki; The

Published by: Hudson Soft
Developed by: Hudson Soft
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1989

Adventures of Dino Riki; The (NES)

The Adventures of Dino Riki was released in 1989 by Hudson Soft. The game features a caveman called Dino Riki and is played like a vertical shooter with the screen constantly scrolling upwards pushing Riki towards the top. Objects in the game can be destroyed to reveal upgrades. There are speed, health, and weapon power-ups. 
Riki is constantly assaulted by enemies that he has to take out with his weapons. By default the player  starts with rocks as a main weapon, but each upgrade will change that to a better weapon. The progression is Rocks > Axes > Boomerangs > Torches. Each time Riki is hurt his weapon degrades one level. 
Riki can also jump which is necessary as the game is filled with several water hazards and pits that Riki will die if he falls into. Another power up can give Riki wings to avoid these all together.
The game features 4 worlds, each with a boss.

Package Art and Screenshots




Move Riki.


Jump. Hold to fly with the Bird power-up.

Pause game.