Adventures of Bayou Billy; The

Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Adventure
Released: 1989

Adventures of Bayou Billy; The (NES)

The Adventures of Billy Bayou (a game known as Mad City in Japan, though this version was made to be much more difficult) is an action game featuring Billy Bayou trying to save Annabelle Lane, his kidnapped girlfriend, from the gang led by Godfather Gordon.
The game features 10 levels which are a mix of beat-em up, shooting, and driving sequences. The NES Zapper can be used for the shooting sequences.
The main goal of the beat-em and shooting stages are to defeat the boss, and feature weapons and health pick ups. The driving stages have Billy racing against a time limit, gas pickups can add more time however.
The game also features a practice mode that can be played to unlock additional pickups for use in the main game.

Package Art and Screenshots




Move Billy.


Punch. Shoot.

A + B:
Jump Kick.

Draw/holster gun.

Pause game.