Adventure Island 2

Published by: Hudson Soft
Developed by: Hudson Soft
Genre: Platformer
Released: 1991

Adventure Island 2 (NES)

Adventure Island II was released by Hudson Soft in the United States in February, 1991. It is a sequel to the popular original Adventure Island, and allows the player to resume the role of Master Higgins as, this time, he struggles to save his girlfriend from alien invaders. 
This sequel employs the same classic side-scrolling gameplay that made it's predecessor so successful. The game features the same power-ups from the original game although a new addition are dinosaurs that the player can ride. Each dinosaur has unique abilities. The blue dinosaur shoots electricity from it's tail, the maroon dinosaur shoots fire balls from it's mouth, a swimming dinosaur makes traveling underwater easier, and the Pterodactyl can fly and drop bombs. 
The game features 7 different islands each with a boss. Levels include Fern Island, Lake Island, Derset Island, Ice Island, Cave Island, Cloud Island, Volcano Island and Dinosaur Island.
The game is followed up with Adventure Island 3 for the NES, New Adventure Island for the TurboGrafx-16 and Super Adventure Island 1 and 2 for the SNES. 

RGG Says: A great follow-up to Adventure Island which sticks to its platforming roots with new power-ups.

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D-Pad Left and Right:
Move Master Higgins.

D-Pad Up:
Super jump while jumping.


Use weapons when obtained or when riding dinosaur. Hold to run.

Not used.

Pause game.